The power of my tribe…

There is something magnificent and certainly an indescribable feeling of when women support, love and willingly give of their own time and energy to another.

I cannot even begin to speak of the incredible women who have crossed my path along the way in my life. From my very own mother who managed to keep me alive through a very tough time in her own life. An incredibly rocky marriage to my father as well as having her children within 14 months of one another, (I believe this speaks for itself on so many levels). And although my mother has been sometimes quite absent in my adult life I must give her credit for showing me that women have all the strength in this world to make it work on their own and she also without her knowledge taught me to live by my own strengths.

Then there is my granny who gave up many years of her life to pick my brother and I up from school and sit for hours doing homework with us, but still making time to teach me how to be loved and patient enough to teach me what she knows about being a lady and perhaps most importantly how to make a good cup of tea and enjoy a slice of cake. I really believe I have a safe space in her cushy arms and I hope she never runs out of time on this earth. I just do treasure my granny, probably more than she will ever know. If I could tell her anything it would be that I have never overlooked her sacrifices she made for her grand babies and I hope to be as wonderful to my grandchildren as she is for me.

I was not blessed with a sister close in age to me, but Jesus did give me the best aunty I could have prayed for, she has been such a stable part of my upbringing and loving me without condition and without fear of rejection. She is one of the most beautiful woman I know, flawless on so many levels and just the kindest and most giving woman of God you will ever be so blessed to meet. Every school holiday she would pick me up and I would help her look after my baby cousins and get to spend some amazing quality time with her, and through these holidays and days with her she taught me how to be gentle in life and how being kind can really make a difference to life as we see it.

I don’t think we can ever leave out the woman who have been single influences to our daily lives. Teachers, strangers, a random conversation in the shop, a neighbour, someone you see running at the same time everyday with a consistency that gives us hope of one day achieving the same level of dedication, a colleague, client or even just a quote on your news feed. It is in these fleeting moments and conversations that can change someones perspective, someones direction and even sometimes their heart. Don’t underestimate the power you have on the words you share.

I think naturally I have always been one of those woman who desires strong connection, and when I find it I become very dedicated and loyal to those connections I make. I like to call it quality over quantity for my friendship circle. I don’t take friendships for granted nor do I let them fade into the distance without a struggle from my heart and soul. One of my internal struggles is realising that friendships change and shift their direction and it is something that I will need to continue working on as I grow and learn how to work this life the way I need to in order to learn the lessons I am here to learn.

That being said my beautiful friends. My tribe. My warrior woman of my world. I honour you. I thank you for your timeless efforts to be by my side when I had no strength left in me. My beautiful friends, who have stood, who continue to stand and who will always find hope in me to carry on holding my torch. It is with this confidence in me that I can wake up, stand up and push through the breaking days of my life. And it is with you that I have hope for my own daughters, that they will have their own tribe, their own support through their friendships the way I have been so abundantly blessed.

5 thoughts on “The power of my tribe…

  1. You have a beautiful gift of words. I thank God for the tribe He raised around you and continues ro raise around you. To get to a point where you see and acknowledge and graciously accept the gems they give you is a truly liberating journey. You are an amazing woman and mom and friend. I see soooooo many beautiful things in you and in your pain and realness. I learn from you continually even though you may not know it. Thank you for making yourself open and vulnerable and for showing us all the parts of your journey.


    • Jacky!! thank you so much for your lovely comment. It is so nice to hear your words of encouragement and I hope I can help many woman with all my future posts.


  2. Wow… I love You lady from across the water! You will never know of the strength you give me! You are my rock even in our toughest times a womans tribe is her strenght and i wouldn’t want anyone else but you in mine 🙂 amazing piece of work xxx


    • I love you lady from across the ocean. Thank you for your kind words on my work, I will try and improve every blog just so you can smile every time.


  3. So beautifully written. I too love the women in my life too. Aren’t we blessed to be surrounded by so many encouraging women?!


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